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Toques d'Or International

Toques d'Or International

"Des Artisans Cuisiners au service d'une alimentation saine"


Toques d'Or International: who are we?

The Defence of European Culinary Heritage: an objective for a way of life

Never has an association such as Euro-Toques been as legitimate or necessary as is today.


Who are we?

Toques d'Or International the Union of Toques d'Or certified Star-Restaurants,  more than 700 star-chefs over the world. Created in 2006 around several "great names" visionaires who were already aware of the risks of food abuses. It is now an world representative group chaired by the Masterchef Ernst-Ulrich W. Schassberger.

The european head office coordinates all  countries. Toques d'Or International is a lobby to promote best food issues and quality products regulated by world and continental institutions. All the certified restaurants adhere to a code of honor (voluntary code) by which they are committed to promote the quality and culinary traditions of each country and regions of world.


The guidelines organisation govern its decision-making bodies and structures of work.

- Quality: The defence of sustainable fishing of fresh produce

- Biotechnology (GMOs(Genetically Modified Organisms)/thr promotion of  

  organic and traditional production methods of specific regional origin as an  

  access to quality products)

- Consumer information: labelling and restaurant

- Haccp (administrative flexibility)

- Traditionally made foie gras threatened by world Union

- Taking part in Communication, information and safeguarding of world

  culinary heritage.


What do we want?

We want to be recognized as a responsible actor by the European Institutions:

- To protect Quality and Flavour foods.

- To promote the Know-how of food Craftsmen.

- To facilitate exchanges beween european chefs.

- To perpetuate Cultures and culinary traditions.

- To raise consumer awareness throgh education and good eating habits.

- To promote health through the assurance of healthy food regarding

  chemical additivies in food products and to promote natural seasonal


- Not to compomise by means of new methods which are liable to generate

  a health risk of to alter the taste of foods.

- To make a commitment in favour of correct labelling and informations to

  give consumers relevant information needed to make responsible choices.

- To protect European Culinary Heritgage in its diversity, origins and typicality.


A permanent presentation in brussels at the service of our common caue, enables us:

- To have a greater presence within the European institutions.

- To act directly with decision-makers and politicans at the european level.

- To take part directly in the networking of privileged contacts with the

  Commissions, the Council of Ministers, the European Parliaments.

- To coordinate the actions of our european head offices.


We take part directly in the Work of:

The European Parliament Intergroup on Traditions-Quality.


Our successes:

Consideration of specific issues concerning traditional methods and quality.

- Game laws,

- the defence pf selling cheeses made with raw milk,

- the introduction in 1992 of an AOP/IGP list of traditional and specific

  products http://www.europa.eu.int/comm/agriculture/foodqual/quali1en.htm

- the defence of real chocolate made with cocoa butter and its labelling.

- the character of confidence with producers and suppliers.


Code of Honour

Article 1

"Euro-Toques is an european association of certified Euro-Toques Star-Restaurants.

Article 2

The objective of Toques d'Or International is to respect the diverse traditions in the countries and regions of an enlarged Europe.

Article 3

Toques d'Or certified  Star-Restaurants maintain good relations between themselves and convey a unified image of the association to consumers.

Article 4

Toques d'Or certified  Star-Restaurants guarantee a set of common principles which are shared by all members throughout World.

Article 5

Toques d'Or certified Star-restaurants share their best practice at the heart of the organisation.

Article 6

Euro-Toques defends healthy food based on quality products.

Article 7

Toques d'Or certified Star-Restaurants defend natural food traditional recipes, proof that diversity in World culinary heritage and the sustainability of regional products is being maintained.

Article 8

The products used in kitchens are fresh and are prepared on site.

Article 9

The products used are seasonal to respect natural cycles and ensure authentiv tastes.

Atricle 10

Toques d'Or certified Star-restaurants advocate a diversity of flavours and a variety of ingredients. The present consumers with healthy food and contribute to a nutritional balance.

Article 11

Toques d'Or International missions include defending, infirming and educating consumers.

Articel 12

It is essential that the menue is a true reflection of the dishes it describes to preserve consumers confidence.

Article 13

The restaurant must remain totally independent of suppliers.

Article 14

The profession must remain transparent to ensure the food is safe and of known origin

Articel 15

Restaurants and tradition are able to adapt to modernity. They convey a sense of pleasure and social interaction: a way of life.


Mission Statement

Toques d'Or International quest is to protect and pass onto future generations a respect for culinary traditions and best principles of cooking; and to work with and lobby on behalf of quality producers, to ensure that foods with real flavour, texture and taste are available now and in the future for our restaurants, customers and children



The main objectices of the organisation are to:

- Protect the fine quality and flavour of food.

- Support producers of the best foods in Europe, be they small artisan food

  producers or large organisations.

- Maintain the traditional dishes and traditional ways of preparing and cooking

  food of the regions of Europe.

- To facilitate a rapport between star chefs of different countries.

- To oppose all measures with detract from the healthy production, intrinsic

  quality and flavour of foods.

- To oppose the inclusion of non-food Additives for Clouring, shelf life, etc.

It is Toques d'Or International belief that food is not just a commudity but part of our cultural heritage, the most fragile of all our heritages. Good food is also central to our health and happiness.






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