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Tenerife - Canarian Islands


The paradise for cooks.


The fish, molluscs and crustaceans in the morning in the sea, already at lunch on the plate.


as Sama del Roque, Viejas, Doradas, Lubinas, Salema, Bocinegro (bream) Boquerones, Burro, caballa, Cherner, Medregal, Mero, and atún Bonito, to name a few.

I'll continue with the seafood- from langostinos on Buey de Mar to the Ostras and many more.


In addition, new sensations, exotic fruits, fresh ingredients and the know how of a master of his trade.

Chef Hans Joachim Figge, worked together with famous chefs such as Eckart Witzigmann, Heinz Winkler, Alfons Schubeck, Martin Berasategui 3 stars in the Michelin guide and many others , is the head of the cooking school and gives you the secrets of gourmet cuisine in a pleasant ambience more vividly. From the base kitchen 1 o'clock-2 o'clock on the variety of tapas to the Atlantic, Spanish cuisine. "Not the Mediterranean cuisine, as 2000 km away", so the chief.


Immediately after the purchase of the fishermen, the fish are still at the port cleaned and sorted.

Only now the menu is set for your price.

The freshness of the products is a prerequisite for the success and the good success.


An extensive wine list established exclusive bodegas to the dairies that are located in Tenerife, include further issue of individual courses, as well as trips to the bodegas and cheese, the seminar also considered valid.


the courses offered:


Summer, soft Atlantic Kitchen,

5 course menu

Duration: one day

Location: Finca Montimar, Bedouin tent

Price: EUR 180, --/Person


Tapas and its diversity. (Day 1)

Canary-Spanish fish dishes (Day 2)

Duration: two days

Location Finca Montimar, Bedouin tent

Price: Euro 320.00 per person


The seafood, the langostinos, the royal cancer, the lobster,  (1 day)

their accompanying sauces and side dishes

Duration: 1 day

Location: Finca Montimar, Bedouin tent

Price: Euro 250.00 per person


Basic cooking class I

The base of the cooking-from salad dressings, appetizers,

soups, to the mild sauces

As a menu to cook

Duration: 1 day

Location: Finca Montimar, Bedouin tent

Price: Euro 90.00 per person


Basic cooking class II

The base of the roast begin, filičre fish, poultry dishes,

side dishes and your

As a menu to cook

Duration: 1 day

Location: Finca Montimar, Bedouin tent

Price. Euro 110.00 per person


Wine and Cheese Seminar-A cross-section

of the wine world of Tenerife Their diversity

and quality of selected exclusive wines

Liaison with the right cheese, or chocolate

Taste, Taste, Tell,

Duration: 1 day

Location: Finca Montimar, Bedouin tent

Price: Euro 80.00 per person


All courses include refreshments during the course, ingestion of cooked meals, with accompanying wines

prepared a special chef's apron, recipe folder, diploma signed for each participant

All courses are scheduled upon request and held for a minimum of 6 persons


Hans-Joachim Figge

Euro-Toques Star-Maitre

Board of Supervisior de la Islas Canarias

Consultores de Gastronomia Canarias S.L

E-Mail Joaquin.Figge@terra.es

phone + 34 922 72 90 81

mobile    + 34 616 55 25 17



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